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Save on your hotel -

When you are planning a holiday at New York, one of the first things that need to think about is accommodation. If you are planning to stay for a short time such as for a week or two, you should be looking for cheap hotels. New York has plenty of low priced accommodation facilities that can be just the thing that will you have a pleasant stay without spending much money and still enjoy the beauty of New York.

Factors that can influence the cost of stay in hotels at New York


The location of the hotel is one of the things that will influence the amount of money that you will spend on it. If the hotel is located very close to a famous tourist spot such as Grand Central Terminal or Central Park, you will surely end up spending a lot of money. Hence, you must think wisely and go for cheap hotels located away from famous tourist destination to save on the money.


If you happen to visit New York during the peak season, the amount of money that you will spend throughout the holiday including your hotel expenses can be very high. If you visit New York during the off-season, you will not only be able to avoid the crowds but also find affordable and cheap hotels for your stay.

Services of hotels

When you checkout services provided by hotels on advertisements, you may get amazed about it but think again do you really need those extra services such as exercise rooms, breakfast service, etc. If you do not wish to go for such services, you will again save on the money. Hence, before planning a visit to New York, you should think about the hotel services you may need during your vacation. T

Best way to find cheap hotel in New York

The internet is the best possible way to find cheap hotels. There are plenty of valuable information about cheap hotels in New York. On the internet, you can find plenty cheap vacation packages as well. This will surely help you in saving a lot on expenses as it involves booking resorts, campsites, hotels, cruises with attractive discounts upto 50% – 75% off. You can easily do a research on the internet and find yourself cheap hotels. You can visit several websites of hotels and sign up for e-mail alerts for special offers. This way you can get good information about cheap hotels in New York.

The next thing you need to do is compare several hotels and the services provided by them. You should also do a background check on the hotel in which you are planning to stay for any issues on bad service or grievances. Once you have compared the services and found a suitable hotel, you can make a call and talk to them about staying charges. If the cost seems to be high, you can also try to negotiate and fix on a good deal.

If you are someone who loves travelling then you will be spending a lot of time traveling and visiting places in New York and may spend only a few hours at the hotel, hence you should make sure you find a cheap hotel to control your expenses.

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Fitzpatrick Grand Central – New York Hotels, New York

Fitzpatrick Grand Central 4 Stars – New York Hotels, New York Within US Travel Directory Featuring a classic Irish pub, this European-style hotel is less than 1 block from Grand Central Station. Concierge services and a traditional Irish breakfast are available all day.
Hotel Location :
Fitzpatrick Grand Central, 141 East 44th Street, NY 10017, USA

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